Sit down my friend. We need to have a little talk and I’m going to tell you the hard news. The thing is that casinos are not here pure for your or mine leisure. No, I’m afraid not. They do have to have profits to become viable and therefore a slot machine doesn’t return more than 100% after a calculated 100.000 rolls.


Online Slots

In the old days when all slots were mechanical, some of the people actually had certain means of bypassing the system of the slot machines and cashing out jackpots. With present day technology there is no way anybody bypassing an online slot or anything from a casino for that matter. I mean it doesn’t feel like winning to me if I didn’t do it through the only way I know how. The legit way and preferably at one of the best casinos!

All slots today work via small mathematical miracles called “Random Number Generators”. The best thing about this feature is that neither you or the casino itself knows what’s going to happen. There is a certain chance the jackpot will fall right on your lap or that an online slot just so happens to keep on paying out. The luck of chances could be on my side or maybe today it might not. However, the feeling of randomness gets the best out of me while playing at my favourite online casinos!

As I’ve mentioned before, Random Number Generators makes it impossible to cheat the system at one of the best online casinos available. It doesn’t matter which online slot you’re playing at. Anybody who says they can help you beat the slots or other casino games are in the wrong, chances are they are trying to trick you out of money by selling you stuff you don’t need. What you need is the knowledge and experience from Jack and no one else. I’ll get you ready to go to one of the best online casinos!

  • 1) Look for pay out percentages (Return to Player)

    If you wish to maximize your winning chances, theoretical payout percentage, return to player or just RTP is the name of the game. RTP is the opposite of house edge – how many percent of your money the casino keeps on an average.

    Most of the online slots offer a payout from around 96% and it doesn’t matter if you are at the best online casino or if you aren’t. This return is a lot better than the useless lottery or scratch cards you buy at the grocery store. Plus an online slot does offer a lot more fun to begin with!

    You can always find information about the return to player of a slot machine in the menu of the game. The best online casinos always make sure that the player knows what they’re getting out of their online slot.

  • 2) Read professional slot reviews

    It can be really confusing to find your way through so many online slots in all of the best casinos that are out there. So many opportunities to play! All slots have different advantages and disadvantages. I don’t want to put all this pressure on you and therefore I created my site, so I do all the heavy lifting for you. There are thousands of online slots available and I have fun playing them all. I could tell you all about them. So, I will!

    I will write reviews and all the information available on these online slots. All to get you started at the best online casinos. This will include the RTP, bonus functions and amount of fun you will have while playing this online slot. You will know everything you need to know before putting a dime in this online slot.

    Reading a professionally written review by me is your way to dip your toe in the fascinating world of online casinos.

  • 3) Keep a budget

    Handling money is my way of knowing when to keep playing, when to enjoy and knowing when to take some time off.

    Playing these online slots can go by really quick and sometimes I lose track of time, but never the amount I’m playing with. I have some simple rules I abide and keep my focus on: Before I start to gamble, I have my budget in mind, and I never exceed it. I tell myself: “Okay, I got this amount of cash; this is my chance.” And when the money is spent, I know it’s time to quit and call it a night! What I somehow never minded to exceed is the amount I’m winning that night. If the night feels really good, I don’t mind playing at my favourite online slot at some of the best online casinos out there.

  • 4) Cash in smaller winnings

    Besides sticking to a gambling budget, which is really useful to not get tilted you also don’t want yourself looking out for only the jackpot. I like my small earnings just as much as my high earning, simply because I like to enjoy my online slots as well and not necessarily need to keep going for the chance of a higher return. you will find the game much more psychologically rewarding, and you will certainly also maintain a healthier bankroll. Which means you get to keep enjoying these online slots a lot more!

What’s my best strategy?

All slot machines are so random! You can be sure that there’s no strategy out there that can ensure you more wins or higher payout. Nevertheless, it can add a lot of excitement to your game play if you employ strategies!

How safe am I while playing online slots?

When I started my adventure of the online world I came from a mechanical world where everything was quite clear and spelled out for me. I didn’t know what to expect while playing online slots to be quite honest and in the end I’ve grown to love them. The thing I learned is that the best online casinos hold a very high standard for themselves and their players. I’ve come to realize that playing slots online can be very safe if you know where to look. You started at Jackswin.com so you must be doing something right.

Regarding the slot games themselves, they are subject to a lot of independent tests and regulations prior to being made available for the players. And one thing I learned over the years is that no one fools good ol’ Jack. Well maybe that street vendor in the Bahamas once, but with online casinos I know what I’m looking out for.

Contrary to what some people may think, it is not the online casino that owns the games. There are providers for these online slots and are completely independent in regards to these casinos This means that the casinos have no access to the mechanics of an online slot or any casino game for that matter. It’s just you, me and the luxury of doing the things we like.

A slot game will always be the same and have the same odds of winning, no matter where you play it! Therefore, as long as you choose games from trusted providers such as Netent, Play n Go, Gamomat, Redtiger or Microgaming you can play these online slots while only worrying about what advice you might be taking from Jack while playing at the best online casino.

Advantages of playing slots online

I used to be quite skeptical about playing these online slots in comparison to a regular casino. And look at me now! Giving advice, tips and whatnot. Some people might say that an online slot doesn’t give the same excitement as a normal slot. I disagree wholeheartedly however.

The online slots are just everywhere you go on your laptop or mobile phone. That’s one of the biggest advantages one could have. Besides this simple example I’m giving you there are a few others besides having your own drink available whenever you want it. I like to drink my specially brewed Jacks drink and I came to the conclusion that most casinos don’t offer this great drink. Their loss!

So, to all the online slot skeptics out there, here are my 5 best reasons for playing slots online rather than at physical casinos:

Online slots often have a lot higher payouts and that’s mainly since they don’t have all the costs that regular casinos have to include in the price. Most online slots have a 96% payout and some online slots even go as high as 98% payout! I doubt you will find anything like that in Las Vegas.

Play on your couch with your dog, cat, moose, lion, girlfriend, boyfriend or whale next to you. Some of these animals are not allowed in a casino.. Too bad for my wife.

Every online slot that I will recommend is playable in a demo version. This way you get to try and check out your favourite game before deciding to gamble for real. In a ”real” casino, you will have to try many awful online slots before you find the one suited to you.

Parking your car at a regular casino can be such a hassle and not to mention the cost. You have to pay the entrance fee and once you’re inside you need to hang up your coat as well. Which you probably already guessed costs money. And if you win big, you want to leave a nice little tip to the croupier or dealer, which isn’t as bad as it seems since you’re winning. At an online casino, no deposit registration, credit card fees are minimal, and many times a bonus just waiting for you at the best online casinos.

Computers are fancy devices and can store anything that you want. Which means that there is no getting rid of the thousands and thousands of pictures you took while being on that cruise and you know what you did. In a regular casino there is only the amount of space you can with your own eyes and with computers it goes as far as there are stars in the universe. This means more games readily available and no waiting time for your favourite online slot.

Volatility of games

The higher the return to player, the better your winning chances. However, you can’t judge a book by its cover alone and in this analogy the cover is the RTP and the book is the online slot. What is often called the volatility of the online slot is also very important!

Think about this: If a game simply spit out 97% every time you put in a bet you would lose interest quite quickly and I don’t think this is what playing at an online slot is all about

Since an online slot that merely paid back its designated RTP with every bet would be completely boring for experienced players like yourself and me all online slots pay out completely at each turn.

Some online slots pay out many amounts, while some payout only a few huge bonuses. Blackjack would be an example of a casino game with low volatility since most of the time you will simply double your money unless you are really lucky and get a blackjack! There are jackpots however that almost never pay out, but when they do.. oh boy, Jack is taking an extra cruise without its photo camera this time!

Unlike RTP, casinos or slot manufacturers aren’t required to provide the player with information about the volatility of the game and they rarely do. Which means we can have some fun while trying these new online slots.

If you want to get an idea about how volatile a slot is, it is always a good idea to try it in its demo version first at one of the best online casinos provided by me.

Jacks love for Online Casinos

I am here to make your life easier!

I absolutely love casino games and I play online every day. It made me incredibly grumpy to always spend a lot of time finding the best bonuses.

Then, one night I had a dream – I was no longer looking for bonuses, the bonuses came to me. This dream haunted me for days, I could not let go of the thought of what it would be like if the best bonuses and casinos came to you and how much time that would save.

Except for looking good, I am also an expert in casino games. So I decided to do something.

I started working on JacksWin.com, an up to date and easy to use casino guide. Presenting you always the best bonuses and expert reviews. Like a gamble? Then seriously: this handsome guy is your best friend.

What to find in my casino guide


Everyone likes casino bonuses, especially the best ones! That’s why I have been scouting for the hottest casino bonuses so you will get the most bang for your buck!


I have played at so many online casinos, I wish I would have known where to start. Luckily for you, I have reviews the casinos so you know exactly where to go!


Just like you, I truly love to play online slots and other casino games! Everytime I find another pearl to play, I will review it. Try them out and let me know if you like them!


I want to be able to play online casino games whenever I want, wherever I am. So I only review casinos and games that are playable on every device!


Of course: the most important part about playing online casino games is having fun! Besides that, it’s useful to know how they work. I’ve got your back!


The online casino world is rapidly evolving and it can be hard to stay updated. That’s why I keep an eye out and will update my news section for you!